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We make it our responsibility to care

At KW Cleaning we believe in helping the community in which we operate in.

Karen Wescott, the founder of KW Cleaning is passionate about giving back to the community.

We make it our mission to continue to help others by holding charitable fundraisers and events throughout the year. It is important to us that we follow a number of charities that are closest to our hearts.

In partnership with Barclays Bank we have set up New Beginnings, which is a charity that supports children and newborns of ill health. All donations go towards the care of the children, and help supply more incubators at hospitals.

Did you know?

The NHS care for more than 20,000 newborns a year, and if the child is unwell they will be treated at a neonatal care unit. These units are filling up fast as they try to keep up with the growing population. The NHS are beginning to struggle with the demands.

Incubators costs the NHS around £15,000 which limits many hospitals to the quantity they retain. They are fundamental for treating an unwell baby as they isolate them from further infections, control the temperature and environment around them.

A transport incubator costs around £22,000 and allows a safer alternative to moving a baby to another hospital. Each incubator needs a ventilator which costs around £25,000 and provides a constant flow of clean oxygen to the baby’s lungs and helps them to grow.

As you can see, we need to act fast and help unwell infants receive the treatment they need.

We need your help

Here at New Beginnings we are trying to do our bit for the children. We are asking for your milk bottle tops, to help raise donations. On average we receive 500kgs of plastic milk bottle tops, which raises £30. We are in urgent demand for more bottle tops, but please do make sure they are clean and label free.

We are in close contact with Barclays Banks, who help collect the milk bottle tops from you.

We are also happy to relieve you of your stamps. All stamps are weighed and the money goes straight into New Beginnings.

The charities we support include:

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Carpet cleaners in Southampton
Deep cleaners
Void cleaners

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