Open / lock down

Opening up and locking it down – KW will be there

KW cleaning provides you with a trusted and reliable open and lock down service.

Our uniformed staff will open your premises in the morning and lock them down at the end of the day.

All times will be agreed beforehand and a routine schedule will be drafted. In the morning you will have peace of mind that our staff will unlock your premises and will carry out routine checks before handing over the building to a designated member of staff.

At the allocated time of locking the building, we will check all vulnerable areas, including toilets and other locations to ensure that the building has been vacated. We are detailed in our checking, making sure all windows are locked, doors secured, lights are off and if required,  blinds are closed.

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“I was away from the office for a couple of weeks, but i needed someone I could trust to open and close the offices. So I contacted KW, who have been making sure the building is secured and opened correctly. Thank you!” Benjamin Chalmers, New Forest.