KW’s Top 5 Tips on How Grounds Maintenance Keeps You Open For Business

KW’s Top 5 Tips on How Grounds Maintenance Keeps You Open For Business

Grounds Maintenance is a serious issue for your business. Not only is it vital for health and safety reasons but it’s also about the appearance. What does it say about you if visitors have to walk up to a grotty building on the verge of deteriorating?

How will it look to clients when you have important meetings?

Any self-respecting, decent business professional would walk way from a building that looks grimy or uncared for because it can reflect the company inside. They may wonder how you conduct yourself professionally.  Sure, you may only rent an office in a building and you look after your office space but clean and fresh meeting rooms are vital for creating a professional and successful image.

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However, all of your hard work cleaning the office and the meeting room is a waste of time if the exterior of the building is not kept up to scratch.


Here are KW’s Top Tips on keeping your building open for business.


1) Clearing leaves

Nature’s litter. They get everywhere, the gutters, the doorway and even inside the building if you let them. They may seem harmless but they can harbour all sorts of germs and rodents. Dare we say it, even rats! By keeping the front of your building clean you can make your business look smart, efficient and professional by impression.

2) Guttering

A big hazard for all of the reasons above but also more of a health and safety risk. A clogged guttering system on your building can cause leaks, spills and build up stagnant water which could become toxic. You can protect your building from pests, damp and all the others things that eat away at your infrastructure. If gutters are left untreated for longer they could damage the structure of your business property. Chances are if you are leasing a building for your business then it’s your legal responsibility to look after it.

3) Taking out the rubbish

Who takes your rubbish? Your employees are too busy and dustbin men won’t come pick it off your desk. Rubbish WILL build up if left for long enough and create unpleasant sights and smells. The thing is, nobody ever thinks to look after and dispose of anyone else’s rubbish, just their own. Don’t forget the bins themselves need cleaning from time to time too. All of these small tasks may seem like something your staff or you can take care of but it’s making sure they all get done regularly as a priority. It takes dedicated and regular upkeep to get a building together and that is time that could be spent focussing on your business.

4) Staff morale

Nobody likes to clean up when they get into the office first thing on a Monday morning. (Well, nobody except us.) Your office colleagues could already be snowed under with looming deadlines and if the rubbish has piled up, they don’t need the hassle.  If the outside of the building is messy it only adds to the stress on your business workforce. As we mentioned earlier, you need to think about long term health issues with your employees.

5) All your cleaning and maintenance services under one roof

You probably want to focus on running your business without having to worry about things like cleaning, grounds maintenance and taking out the rubbish. In that case, it’s far easier and much more efficient to let someone else deal with all of those responsibilities. Here at KW cleaning services, we are dedicated to taking care of all of the tasks mentioned above and more.


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