Keyholding services could be crucial for your business.

Keyholding services could be crucial for your business.

Not everyone can be at their business premises 24/7 and there are always events that you simply can’t predict. Keyholding services are a must if you run a small business. Especially when you need an emergency presence on site at the most unlikely of times.

Let’s say that you have gone out of town for the evening visiting family. Suddenly, without warning, you get a call that the alarm at your office is triggered. It’s late at night and you are far away. The contents in your office could be confidential and the damage to your business and even the loss of trust with your clients could be disastrous.

Leaving the responsibility of securing the premises to any employee can be incredibly risky. Even your best employees could easily forget or fail to arm the alarm system efficiently. After a long demanding day in the office, it’s only natural that things get forgotten. The added burden is a lot of pressure on top of other duties.

Rather than having to drive all the way back into town, why not let someone else carry the burden for you?
Our Keyholding service gives you peace of mind when you are away from the office.

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How our KW Keyholding service can help you.

Our Keyholding service is available for residential and commercial use. We safeguard a set of office or house keys for unplanned access to your premises. The service is available 24 hours a day and will provide access to your property when permission is granted by you. If you’re away KW cleaning can ensure that your business premises can be locked or unlocked at your convenience. Our staff will remain onsite at your business for as long as you require. If applicable, we can also release the keys to a third party, if authorization has been granted by yourself.

Your keys will remain secured and logged, they may be collected from our office or delivered to you by a member of our staff.