How we offer a successful cleaning service

How we offer a successful cleaning service

People are starting to demand more and more from professional cleaners so 2017 is going to be all about value for money. The professional cleaning industry is expected to surpass a turnover of 60 billion by 2017.

That’s an increase of 4.3% between now and 2020Corridor cleaner.

As a professional cleaning company, we have been up and running around Hampshire for nearly a decade in an increasingly competitive market. A recent industry report shows that the four largest cleaning companies make up only 10% of the market, so there are lots of smaller companies around keeping us on our toes. The commercial and domestic sectors generate only 42% of the entire industry revenue. The fastest growing clients being education and healthcare. We provide a service that meets all of these. What makes us so different from other cleaners is that we care about the needs of your individual business and we will demonstrate this.

KW Cleaning are ready to meet the challenges ahead and this is how we do it:


KW’s professional cleaning Standards


We are flexible

The standard services offered by professional cleaners should include water damage repair, mould removal and more. Any professional cleaning service is expected to cover all these options as standard. Any cleaning company needs to offer services that are flexible to what the client requires. We also offer a whole impressive range of additional services that care for outside of your office, such as ground maintenance, removing rubbish and litter and even cleaning the bins!

We are cost-effective

An oldie but a goldie. All clients want value for money and we provide a service so you get results. The price of premium quality cleaning products are high but we never buy low-grade materials as it’s more work for our staff. We can offer the same high-quality service without passing on the cost to you, our trusted client.


A quality performance goes without saying with us but not every professional cleaner can say the same. This is how we stand out from our competitors. You will need the premium level service to get the best result and our performance will match the same level of service that you require. Ultimately that is how we provide excellent value for money.

Environmentally friendly

People are becoming increasingly concerned with environmental waste and so business follows. For us, it’s important as a cleaning company to operate safely and environmentally friendly. This often requires using easily disposable or biodegradable cleaning products and careful treatment of existing client waste. This is essential to prevent cross allergen contamination to reduce the risk of staff illness in the office. We are a cleaning company that acts responsibly.

We cover all of the above and more so if you are looking for a service that gives excellent value for money, then look no further.