How Spring Cleaning Saves Your Business Money

How Spring Cleaning Saves Your Business Money


Spring Cleaning is an old tradition that experts say dates back thousands of years. Old-fashioned or not Spring Cleaning still remains very popular. It’s very therapeutic, especially in the workplace and your office can benefit from it. If you think about it, every business needs a clear and uncluttered office space to work in. An untidy office can have a negative effect on your staff morale and hence the success of your business could be compromised. If you continue to operate without clear desks or adequate storage then it’s only a matter of time before there are serious accidents. If you allow the grime and dirt to build up all year around it can increase the chance of office germs and lead to increased levels of staff sickness. All of these things will cost your business time and money.

Here are some ways Spring Cleaning can benefit your office:

Sorting the essential from the sentimental

A cluttered desk is damaging on so many levels. A clean, clear desk helps your peace of mind as an employee and sends a strong impression to onlookers. Nobody is saying you have to remove all personal items but less is certainly best. A cluttered office can also lead to extra stress for your employees when trying to answer the phone or juggle tasks. Remember extra stress for your employees means more sick leave.

Clear Desktops

Daily-use items that you need like your laptop, pens, planner, and Post-It Notes, all deserve a spot on your desk. Your least frequently used items like tape, stapler, paper clips, and envelopes, should be neatly stored inside your desk drawers ( See below). It saves taking up valuable desk space but also keeps them easily accessible.

Desk Drawers

They are below your desk and they are there for a reason. There is always some stuff we simply don’t need to have regular access to. You don’t have to throw everything away. For all the paperwork that you don’t really need but have to keep for legal reasons ( i.e. receipts, invoices etc.) think about investing in a small remote cabinet that you can keep somewhere safely out of the way to retrieve later. The extra space you make will come in handy soon enough.

Once you have a nice, clear desk to work from, keep it that way! Spring Cleaning is great once a year but you need to keep in shape with regular scheduled tidying. It is something you can do early on a Monday morning or late on a Friday afternoon before you go home. As long as it’s done and you are ready with a fresh clear desk to start the week ahead anew.



The benefits of Spring Cleaning

So now you finally have a decluttered office space you are closer to successfully reducing health and safety risks to employees. This is not just in areas like stress and productivity but also staff illness in general. You would be amazed how many germs and harmful bacteria there are in computer keyboards alone! We all know that bugs can travel through offices rapidly. If one person goes down with illness then it’s not long until the entire office has it. Think of all those days lost to sickness, or even the amount of sick pay you avoid by hiring a cleaner.

Corridor cleaner

Now you have a nice, clear, clean office it needs to stay that way. That is where we can help. It’s hard enough keeping your office tidy but keeping it clean as well is just as important and just as time-consuming. Your office staff won’t have time for that but we will. So let us do it for them and keep your business a clean and safe office environment.

We can provide a service that does anything and everything from cleaning keyboards to cleaning carpets. Even grounds maintenance if need be.