Gutter Clearance & Repair

Stop being gutted about your gutters

A blocked gutter is a recipe for more repairs, as it will often overflow and snap the guttering. So don’t become a victim to a blockage and rely on our service to unblock gutters, drains, flush down pipes and fix any leaks. We will provide a full flood test of your gutters prior to leaving your property. This means we can guarantee that your guttering will be back to working order.

We use high end technology called Gutter Vac that allows our trained operatives to clear gutters safely and efficiently from ground floor level. This works by drawing all the blockage out, while being guided by a small camera for our operatives to clearly see the removal taking place. You will be supplied with the footage of the removal, to give you peace of mind that your gutters are lefts clean and empty.

It doesn’t end there. Upon completion of the cleaning process our team will then flood test the whole system, to check for any leaks or repairs that are required. We will then carry out a survey report on the guttering system to identify any faults.

We will manage the repairs and prevent rainwater entering your building.

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“We had an overflow of rainwater that was bouncing off our gutters. They were completely blocked with leaves, KW unblocked the guttering and made sure there was no more leaks!” Edward Phillips, Hampshire.