Carpet Cleaning

Lengthen the life of your carpets with regular carpet cleaning

Corridor cleaner

A regular carpet cleaning service ensures the durability and lengthens your carpets life. A dirty carpet can grind down the carpet pile, and generally make the floor look undesirable. By using our cleaning service we ensure your carpets are looking and smelling great. Flooring can give off a first impression to any property, company or hotel. Our service lifts stains and gets rid of foul smells. We take care of your upholstery and bring the life back to the colouring of your carpets. We maintain the highest standards of the industry and create lasting results.

Our service disinfects the pile to avoid any unwanted pests habitating in there. The equipment we use gets right to the bottom of the carpet pile and lifts the dirt, drawing it out and cleaning the pile in the process. We use efficient steam cleaning to protect your carpet from any damage and deeply clean the upholstery. If you’re a pet owner then this service will wave goodbye to stubborn pet hairs. We will hoover the carpet before hand to make sure you’re carpets are cleaned to perfection.

Have peace of mind knowing our services are insured and our staff are fully CRB checked.

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Helpful and reliable! A cleaning company that works around you.” Penny Anderson, Eastleigh.