7 Objects in Your Office Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

7 Objects in Your Office Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

You wouldn’t think it by looking around but there are objects in your office dirtier than a toilet seat. The idea of working in that environment cannot appeal to anyone and if you are shocked about this? Well, then imagine how your employees feel? They just aren’t saying anything to you as you’re the boss. This kind of thing also affects who you do business with and as you will see from our previous blogs, it’s too important an opportunity to miss just for the small weekly cost of hiring a cleaner.  In the world of business almost everything is judged by appearance and if your business does not look up to scratch, then it needs to change. Your business will get a reputation for being a mess to work with and a business that appears less dynamic is not considered a serious business at all.  

7 Objects in Your Office That you Need to Clean Now

1) Phones

Mobile or otherwise the headsets are filthy. You hold it up to your face every day but you might as well be speaking into a toilet. It’s in your drawer, in your pocket or even on your desk right next to your food. Ew! We recommend taking a good alcohol wipe to the buttons every now and then because they must be tingling with the next office bug.Corridor cleaner

2) Your Keyboard

Did you know that your keyboard is 20 thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat? That is a lot of mess. You use it every day and with your hands no less. Think of all those times you have been snacking during work and not washed your hands with each contact. What about all the times you sneezed? Do you feel a shiver down your spine yet?

3) Your Carpet

An obvious one but no less disgusting. Carrying food and drink back from the kitchen area. Treading in the dirt from outside on a Monday morning. After a rainy weekend no doubt. The mass exodus of employees heading out of the door every lunchtime or Friday afternoon will create wear and tear and bring a whole lot of germs from outside into your lovely clean building.


4) Your Desk

The average employee spends 5 and a half hours of their day at their desk. Think of how many of the objects we have talked about in this blog are stored in your desk? As for keeping a clean surface well, you can wipe it down with baby wipes every now and then but you are still fighting a losing battle if you don’t clean it regularly.

5) Your Computer Screen

A magnet for dust and all collected daily from you and your office colleague. I hope you washed your hands every time you switch it on in the morning and off in the afternoon. The ‘On/Off’ button of your screen is probably the first and last point of contact between you and your office. It’s also probably the first from outside?Cleaners in Southampton

5) Door Handles

Let’s face it, not everyone washes their hands when they first go to the toilet but we do all use the same door handles to enter a room. A quick wipe with a sterile cloth only takes a second but most people don’t even think about it.

6) Microwaves

The greatest source of germs in an office is surprisingly not the rest room but where employees prepare food. If you can honestly say you wipe out the microwave before and after using it each time? Or you take out the microwave plate to clean it? Then you are a better person than most. The fact is we don’t and most of us just assume the bacteria is destroyed by the heat. Yes, maybe so but have you ever actually looked at the roof of your microwave when everyone forgets to clean it? Filthy. Have a look at yours if you are brave enough.

7) Buttons

Buttons everywhere, the lift, the computer, just everywhere. Anti bacterial handwash at your desk is the most likely option to get rid of the festering germs but a wipe with a decent cloth on a regular basis can also be helpful.

The truth is that all of this can be avoided with a brisk, regular cleaning schedule. Assuming you have the time?