5 Ways to Cut Staff Sickness and Keep Your Business Healthy

5 Ways to Cut Staff Sickness and Keep Your Business Healthy

Do you lose a lot of money to staff sickness? Does your office or place of work look untidy? The two could be related. A lot of businesses lose money due to paying employee sick leave. Did you know this can be reduced by hiring a professional cleaner? Employees, who have a safe and clean environment to work in are happier in their environment and can be twice as productive? You only have to think how psychological factors can affect people if they come to work in dismal conditions. An unhealthy atmosphere can create an oppressive working environment. That alone discourages enthusiasm, lowers staff morale and brings your workforce productivity down. 98% of staff are affected by illness each year and regular cleaning protocol can reduce this by 80%.

The NHS loses 10 million working days to staff sickness aloCorridor cleanerne.

So you have a business of only 10 employees or more. You don’t have regular professional cleaners so are you really willing to risk losing 8 of those employees to illness? For the cost of a weekly cleaning service? Think about the long term cost to your business after just one year? This is why hiring professional cleaners is cheaper for your business in the end.

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Cleaner

1) Employee sick leave

A regular professional cleaner can decrease workplace allergens and respiratory hazards. If you are a small business then this can mean rising costs of annual sick leave. It also means quite simply not getting the work done. If you are a small business then you barely have enough staff then just one person calling in sick means someone else having to take on the extra workload. How long until they also end up sick from stress due to the extra pressure?

2) Retain the best staff

If the others are always off ill then the simple answer may be to get new employees? This isn’t quite true as the cost of training up new staff is expensive and time-consuming. If you are constantly updating your staff personnel you become one of those companies with a high turnover. This can be damaging to the image of your business via word of mouth from former employees. It can cost a business up to over 30k to replace an employee. Now you are starting to see just how much work related sickness can pile up the costs.


3) Low utility bills

Not something you think of immediately but the frequent use of cleaners in your workplace will keep the bins changed, keep the floors clean, keep the desk tidy and even the tea cups fresh. This will help keep the staff kitchen in order. Professional cleaners are always equipped with the relevant equipment and cleaning supplies. They can organise work so your office uses less running water, less rubbish removal services and less stress for everyone having to clean up after themselves. Focus that extra time you’ve now gained on running your business.

4) Legal requirements

It is very important for every business to provide a safe and healthy working environment. This means not only keeping corridors and fire exits clear from obstruction and like litter and waste but also considering the welfare of your staff. You may think you can avoid this hassle by not having kitchen facilities in your office or place of work but according to the UK Health and Safety Executive, it is a legal requirement to provide such facilities.

5) Things last longer

You run a business. You are meant to be making money, not losing it. The fastest way to waste money is not looking after your investments, including the everyday assets and regular machinery you use in your business. Even the most highly advanced technical equipment needs maintenance and care. If your employees don’t have the time to do this then our professional cleaners do. Our vast range of cleaning and hygiene services covers all your business needs.