5 Quick Ways of Keeping Your Office Clean

5 Quick Ways of Keeping Your Office Clean

Keeping your office clean is a full-time job in itself. As professional cleaners, we learn quite a few industry tips but not all of them are closely guarded secrets. We know how efficiency is important to a business and how time-consuming cleaning can be. The trouble is your office needs to look presentable especially if you have an important guest coming over at the last minute. How do you get your office looking ready within just moments? You don’t have time to call the cleaners over. Sure, you may opt to keep a clean meeting room available for such occasions but if you are only a small business, you may not have one? Let’s say you need to walk your visitor around the office and it’s been a busy week so the desks are cluttered? You haven’t had time to tidy up after the week before and you only found out you were receiving a visit this morning? What if it’s your head office manager that’s coming for a surprise visit? You don’t want him leaving with a bad impression? It’s also true that employees often judge their office colleagues on messy desks. This can lead to bad staff morale in the workplace and that is definitely the last thing you need for your business. What if you have been undergoing restructuring and you have a new regional manager you haven’t met yet? Well, that could mean your entire office is up for a business review and we all know that first impressions mean everything. You simply cannot afford to make a bad impression during this visit and the office looks a tip.

Well, we like to help our clients whenever we can so check out KW’s . . .

Top 5 Ways to Clean your office quickly

1) Clean desks

Desks can get filthy fast. The hub of your working daily pattern, the odd spill of coffee there and the occasion sweet wrapper here, it all adds up. You may find the important visitor wants to shadow your job role for a moment and your desk is looking filthy? Our advice is baby wipes. Keep a box nearby for emergencies like this. A quick wipe of the desk surface and you are back in a presentable state and a manager with a smile on their face. Remember an organised and clean desk speaks more to people about you than any CV can.

2) Clear KeyboardsCorridor cleaner

You may not be aware that computer keyboards can harbour an absurd amount of germs and bacteria. If during coffee breaks the biscuit crumbs fall in-between the gaps in your keys, you aren’t getting that clear anytime soon. When your drink splashes on the keyboard you can wipe if off but you won’t get every drop. All of this muck combines with everyday dust and hair gathering under your keys and eventually congests it. Keeping a can of compressed air duster spray nearby is an option. Post it notes are handy also. ( See #5)

3) Food in your mouth

Eat your food away from the desk. We get it, You have to eat and you don’t have time to sit down with a meal in the dining room. We understand you have a busy schedule but if you are going to graze at your desk, at least make it easier to clean. Don’t let the wrappers and fruit peels build up. Simply stick them in the bin as you go or take crumb fettered plates into the kitchen. Either way, you should be looking at clearing your desk on a daily basis. This will cut down on germs and staff illness. If you can get out of the habit of eating at your desk then even better. Why not combine snacks with a screen break away from your desk every hour or so. Take those few moments to just relax.

4) Dust

Dust is unstoppable and it’s everywhere. It’s only a matter of time. You may even think dusting is old practice but trust us, it will help in the long run. Take a moment every week or so to dust around your desk, wipe the screens and under the keyboards. If you find yourself sneezing then you aren’t doing it enough. Think of how much clearer your breathing will be too, especially if your office isn’t air ventilated.


5) Post it notes

An essential tool for many reasons but one you may not be aware of. How about cleaning the spaces in your keyboard? Or even using them to pick up crumbs? Amazing right!? You can clean by folding them over and using the sticky side. Think of how much grime buildup you can get rid of by doing this on a daily basis for a few minutes. The amount of staff sickness in the office would probably disappear overnight. Hey, it’s worth a try.

So there you have it, most of your daily office cleaning tasks done in a moment. Everyone can take some responsibility by looking after their own desks. However, when you take into account all the trips to and from your desk and the kitchen, the spills on the carpets will eventually take their toll so consider getting that looked at. To be totally honest keeping the office carpet clean can be demanding. It’s also difficult to find the time during your daily work schedule. So the idea of keeping an entire office clean and tidy can seem exhausting just by itself.