10 Random Everyday Items Great For Office Cleaning

10 Random Everyday Items Great For Office Cleaning

Your office desk needs cleaning in a hurry but the cleaner isn’t around. You have no idea where to find the cleaning stuff either. Well, check out these everyday items great for office cleaning. Here at KW, we are passionate about what we do, so we are always finding new and exciting methods. We are always professional and very serious but we also like to have fun with it. Over the years we found a few shortcuts that are perfect for cleaning in an emergency. From the important last minute visitor to the desk inspection from the regional boss. It has been proven that some people think a messy desk is a sign of laziness. This isn’t the kind of image you want your business to project. Remember how important that first impression is too.

Our tips are even useful if you need to be out of the door quickly on Friday or get your office clean instantly on a Monday morning. What if you have an important visitor turning up last minute? You need to borrow your colleague’s desk but it’s covered in biscuit crumbs? There is a hideous stain on the carpet that won’t budge? Worst yet, what if you have a huge grubby mark on your meeting room wall that you’ve only just noticed. If your office looks like someone lives there it can be an issue.  Your client is moments from your door and all you have at hand is a loaf of bread or a banana? Well then check out our list below. The results will actually amaze you.

10 Random Objects That Can Actually Clean Your BusinessCorridor cleaner

1) Coca-Cola

Yep. Acidic and very good at cleaning pretty much anything.

2) Salt & Vinegar

Mixed with water is great for removing stains from sinks or washrooms when rubbed with a cloth.

3) Lemon

The natural alkaline of Lemon makes a handy detergent for most object surfaces.

4) Banana skins

You can use Banana skin to polish your shoes. I know, we couldn’t believe it either.

5) White bread

So white bread can be used to wipe smudges off walls. Oh, and you can make sandwiches with it of course.


6) Baking soda & Vinegar

Is a cheap and effective way to to make drain cleaner.

Cleaners in Southampton7) Car wax

Apply lightly to an oven hob or similarly heated surface and then wipe off to get a cheap and easy safeguard against future spills.

8) Vinegar

Mixed with water in a washing machine can do the laundry. Even good for gardening as it kills the weeds.

9) Shaving cream

Is the perfect way to clean a mirror or similar surfaces and leave them sparkling clean.

10) Olive Oil

A great way to clean paint off your hands without using potential harmful detergents on your skin.